Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heading for Australia

It seems that most of my friends are heading for Australia. About two months ago my friend, Rhosette went to Brisbane to accomplish her 150 hours hospital experience to get her license as a registered nurse in the country. Then, just few weeks ago my colleague and dear friend, Pebbles also left for Sydney to visit her brother and attend her nephew's christening. Now, another friend of mine is waiting for her visa approval to leave for Sydney also.

Well I can't blame them. If given chance, I would also love to go out of my own country and experience Australia. I would surely visit Sydney. My friends say it is such a wonderful city with lots of amazing tourist spots to enjoy. The Sydney Aquarium where you'll have close encounters with amazing sea creatures is trully unforgettable and a must destination. I am really thrilled to get there however, I am quite worried about the accommodation. I know for certain that compared to our country, cost of living there is quite expensive. My friend said that I can always find cheap and comfortable Sydney City Hotels at offering quality service and with friendly hotel staff to accommodate my needs. She even recommended I try one of the Darling Harbour Hotels particularly Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. Based on the reviews, it has the best accommodation to offer ideal for sightseeing and with very courteous staff to assist you. I guess this means good value for your money.

My friend Rhowilyn, who is waiting for her visa to arrive, is asking me for suggestions on where to find nice and affordable hotels in Sydney. She is having problems with her booking so I will surely tell her to check out where she can have more options of Sydney City Hotels and read their reviews. Getting the best accommodation at a reasonable price is very essential in fully enjoying your stay at a certain place. So I will really make sure I got the best hotel once I decide to head for Australia. I hope it will happen very soon.

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