Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inconsiderate Supervisors

I really had the worst time during my duty at the hospital. And nothing pisses me off more than dealing with inconsiderate, narrow-minded, heartless supervisors / heads. I requested my colleague to swap our scheduled duties for the reason that I had a very important appointment to attend last Monday. He kindly granted my request so I thought nothing could go wrong with the change of schedules I did. I immediately informed our chief nurse through text of the said swap. I didn't expect to receive a reply since we are used to such "no reply" from our chief nurse. Anyway, my purpose was just to let her informed and I also left a letter in her office to state the full detail of the swap. And I thought everything was fine, but to my uttermost disappointment, our chief nurse was mad upon receiving the text and having learned of the swap.

The following day, when I reported for my duty, I noticed that she was already aloof with me and I know she was just waiting for the right time to give me her word (naghulat na ang kasaba). She didn't even wait for me to come to her office and even gave her piece right in front of the attending physician doing her rounds. I tried to reason with her and frustratingly, all my words fell to deaf ears. She tried to penalized me by removing one of my scheduled duties.

I really felt bad and violated. I had been a good nurse and my reliable performance is proof to that. It was my first time to make a swap and look what I got. And to think that I never ever complained for the many times I was overworked and went overtime without pay. I am almost over this bad incident. I am just glad that my family and friends are always around to cheer me up and give me a boost of energy to continue working. I'll let this pass for now, and hopefully, this will never happen again.

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  1. laiz, asa man ka hospital kay ako ng sul-ngon imong visor..basig naa sa sya PMS ug ikaw ang napag diskitahan...or ulyanin na..hahahaha. pero oks, lang na Laiz kay naa jud tao ingon ana, wish lang di sya makahanap ng katapat nya na pares na ko hehehe.

    ayaw na kaguol oi...e-blogging na lang na then grab the opps...hahaha