Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make your Absence Felt

I just went into another state of my reflection moments. And this time I pondered on these thoughts-----"Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt". Sometimes people effortlessly take us for granted. Even though how hard we work and give the best of our jobs as a nurse, a teacher, or an ordinary employee, sometimes it is not enough. As if they just expected us to be that way.

Well I guess they are right at some point but, everyone of us needs a little recognition once in a while. It's like a booster to keep us going and maintain the best of our performances at work. If you want to keep your good employees, I strongly believe in making them happy and letting them feel they are important and not just plainly dispensable anytime. (Hmmm just like what happened in my case) If quality employees do resign and leave their companies, surely their excellent jobs would be missed and that's how their presence would be deeply felt.

Even in relationships, most often than not, we find ourselves missing the person only when she or she is actually gone. Often, we take people important to us for granted like our partners or friends and think that they are there all the time. And so we fail to say thank you. Sometimes it's already too late to get them back. And so my thoughts to linger would be ----always appreciate the person while she/he is there so that there will be no reason for him/her to leave you. This might sound impossible but a good try to keep a person at your side. :0)

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