Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Are you a dog lover? Well if you are, we definitely have something in common. I totally adore dogs. Since I was a kid, we always have a dog at home as our pet. They are very loyal and comforting animals. Whenever you feel down, depressed and lonely, it's as if they can also understand and feel what you are going through. They are always around to cheer you up and keep you company when no one is around. They are definitely man's best friend.

It's one reason why a lot of us view them as a form of therapy. They have become important parts of our families that sometimes, others treat them as if they are their own kids. Aside from being a wonderful pet, they are also very helpful in guarding our homes when we have to leave and no one is around to watch the house and safeguard it against lurking burglars.

It is truly saddening whenever I hear dogs are being maltreated. If you can't treat your dogs right then don't try to violate them. Instead, give them to those kind-hearted persons willing to take care of them. Sure dogs can't choose their owners but we, as owners, can definitely choose our own dogs.

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While browsing through their online store, I found these adorable cavoodles. They are so cute, very friendly, easy tend to, and most importantly, they have limited shedding, just ideal for my asthmatic mom. I really wish I could own one of these beautiful puppies.

Owning a dog entails certain responsibilities and one of those is keeping them healthy and fit. This means you have to feed them well and give them adequate exercise. Lastly, they should have regular dog grooming to keep them clean and in good shape all the time. If your dogs are happy, naturally owners will also be happy as well. So be a good owner and you will surely enjoy the company of your dogs.

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